Zara Larsson knows about EXO, BTS, and Black Pink, but when it comes to GOT7 though...
25 Sep 2017 - 12:52 PM  UPDATED 25 Sep 2017 - 12:52 PM

The 2017 Asia Song Festival took place this past weekend from September 22 to 24 and the event saw a number of memorable highlights, such as appearances from EXOTaeyeon, and a charming hosting performance from GOT7's Jackson and Super Junior's Leeteuk. Among the many great moments, one particularly hilarious highlight stood out when Jackson got to chat to a very special guest - Swedish sensation Zara Larsson!

Jackson conducted a quick interview with Zara during the event, where he asked her about Korea and her impressions so far (it's all been great!). When the question of K-pop came up, he decided to ask Zara who she knows, to which she replied EXO, Black Pink and BTS.

But when Jackson asked Zara if she knew GOT7, the Swedish singer broke his (and the group's) heart by saying no! 

Thankfully Jackson took this all in good stride and he set about remedying Zara's lack of GOT7 knowledge by gifting her a special GOT7 album, which immediately impressed the Swedish superstar with its awesome packaging.

Good stuff, Jackson, you now have a new iGOT7 in the form of a Swedish pop star!


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