Get some well-deserved rest, EXO, you must be tired from your trip to Australia!
25 Sep 2017 - 11:26 AM  UPDATED 25 Sep 2017 - 12:12 PM

Between their schedules for their latest comeback with "Power" to their recent trip Down Under for KCON Australia 2017 (which was AWESOME!), EXO have been super busy as of late so it would not be a surprise to find the boys catching a bit of shut eye whenever they can.

Of course, usually when they try to drift off to dream land, there's always someone with a camera nearby! (Looking at you, Chanyeol!)

So to kick everyone's Monday off on a fun note, here are a bunch of gifs of the EXO boys sleeping. (How is it possible to look so handsome while sleeping like a brick?)

Don't fight it, Xiumin, just give into the sleep...

Suho was definitely thinking about taking a nap ... but then he must've spotted the camera and decided "I need to look good!"

In the mind of Chanyeol, " To sleep or not to sleep, that is the question..."

Of course, once he gives into the arms of sleep, we have this Chanyeol masterpiece on looking cute...

*cuddles and finishes the movie wrapped around you like an octopus* (Oh Chen, you ball of neverending adorableness...)

You definitely look sleepy, Baekhyun! (And super cute as well!)

Doesn't matter if there's a lightning storm outside, or whether its on a bed or the floor, D.O WILL get his beauty sleep in!

Wonder what Lay listens to when drifting off to dream land...

Don't think you can escape the sleep cam, Sehun, we see you yawning! (Please yawn some more!)

You rocked the stage at KCON Australia with your moves so get some well deserved sleep, Kai!


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