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We're down to the Top 16 K-pop fandoms in our FANDOMONIUM Tournament; who will be No.1?
26 Sep 2017 - 2:33 PM  UPDATED 1 Nov 2017 - 1:26 PM

There's so many elements that help form a K-pop group, but one aspect that's essential for any artist is the fans. If it weren't for the fans, K-pop simply wouldn't exist.

So to celebrate all the K-pop fans out there, we're holding a special event. Welcome to SBS PopAsia's FANDOMONIUM Tournament!

In an attempt to find out which awesome K-pop fandom is No.1, we're taking 32 great K-pop artists, and over the course of 5 rounds, we'll find out which fandom will emerge from our FANDOMONIUM Tournament as the winner.

The best part? This is all determined by you, K-pop fans!

From BTSARMY and TWICE's ONCE to BIGBANG's VIP and Girls' Generation's SONE, tell us which K-pop fandom - past or present - is your fave. 

Round 1 has ended, 16 fandoms are out, and now it's time for Round 2! The remaining top 16 K-pop fandoms are still in the running - who will emerge as no.1?

Round 2 will end on November 15 so get voting!

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