They were really supportive, telling us not to be nervous and to just have fun on stage.
26 Sep 2017 - 4:51 PM  UPDATED 26 Sep 2017 - 4:58 PM

We chat to a K-pop fan who did what most of us only ever dream of doing - dancing on stage with a K-pop idol group in front of thousands of people. 

Daniel, a local from Sydney, spills on his amazing experience of performing as a back-up dancer for Monsta X at KCON 2017 AUSTRALIA.

Daniel dances at a studio called Crossover Dance Studios and says the preparation was pretty 'hectic' getting ready for the show, but absolutely amazing!

Did they give you guys any tips, advice or encouragement before the performance?

They were really supportive and telling us not to be nervous and to just have fun on stage.

Did you have a Monsta X bias before this and if so, did it change after meeting them in real life? 

I actually didn't know Monsta X that well beforehand. I knew of them, like one or two of their songs but truthfully I wasn't that big on them. I didn't know any of the members names except for Shownu. So I didn't have a bias before, but I do now. My bias now is Jooheon. He's really charismatic on stage but backstage he's a really kind and considerate person. He was looking after us even though he didn't know us as we were pretty much strangers to them.


They posted a backstage photo with you in it on their official Twitter. How does it feel to know that their over 1.5million followers have potentially seen that?

You know, it hasn't even really hit me. I guess I didn't realise how big of a thing it was until people started saying that it's their dream to either be in K-pop or to dance with K-pop idols. It was pretty cool when people showed me the photo, expect I'm not looking at the camera! (Note: Daniel is the one pictured on the far right).

Did you get to watch the rest of the concert after performing and if so, what were some of your favourite performances of the night?

Yes, after performing I got to watch the rest of the show. I really like Cosmic Girls so I really enjoyed their performance of "Secret," which is my favourite Cosmic Girls song. I think the most surprising group for me though was Up10tion. I didn't pay any attention to them before and I didn't know who they were but all of them are really good performers so they caught my eye. I think I'll go check them out from now on.

Who do you want to see come to Australia next?

I want to see Astro and G-Friend. Both groups are great dancers and I like their routines so I'd definitely like to see them in person.

Are you a full-time dancer?

No, dancing is a hobby for me. If you told me five years ago, hey, you're gonna be dancing on stage with Monsta X, I would've told you you're crazy! I'm not a full time dancer at all. I'm a student right now, studying Accounting at the University of Western Sydney. This was my first time ever dancing with a K-pop idol on stage! It was a really fun and cool experience and I'm very thankful for the opportunity.

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