Fans of dessert, rejoice!
28 Sep 2017 - 10:44 AM  UPDATED 28 Sep 2017 - 10:48 AM

Tokyo’s “alternative girl group” (hey, just writing what I see beneath the video) FAKY have kept busy in 2017. They put out their long-simmering debut album, and it was pretty darn good!, and then spent the summer playing live shows, including stops at A-Nation and the biggie-sized Summer Sonic festival. And they aren’t slowing down yet.

The four-piece just released the full version of their newest single “SUGA SWEET” which you can watch below:

This one comes recommended if you have a sweet tooth. As the title hints at, FAKY are bringing up a lot of dessert-worthy items while describing a relationship; “your love is so sweet,” goes the chorus, fittingly, which runs the gamut from a peanut butter cup, a Hershey’s Kiss and ice cream among other sugar-rich snacks. They also mention chili peppers, which seem off brand for the song, but are “on lock” here, so you do you FAKY. Overall though, they have the metaphor game down, and it’s mostly charming.

Far more interesting, to these ears at least, is the pace at which “SUGA SWEET” plays out. This number is swift, approaching drum ‘n’ bass levels of speed starting from the second verse. It’s a welcome change of pace from the current dominant sounds of J-pop, which lean towards syrup-slow balladry (Hoshino Gen’s “Family Song”) or the trop-house mid-tempo (w-inds “We Don’t Need To Talk Anymore”). Those cuts are fine, but hearing something that breaks into a sprint and then maintains it for most of its run is a nice change of pace. And like any good runner, it knows when to slow down a bit to conserve energy. Late in the song, it features a slowed-down bridge that allows the final dash to be all the more effective. The closest comparison in J-pop I can think of is Perfume’s “Point,” albeit with more drawn from R&B than techno-pop.

Following the arrival of “SUGA SWEET,” FAKY have more live shows coming up this fall. All in Japan, sure, but at least you can get a taste of what crowds here will experience through this cut.

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