Can you even imagine seeing those mid-2000s boy group hairstyles making a comeback?
28 Sep 2017 - 2:08 PM  UPDATED 28 Sep 2017 - 3:24 PM

Trends come and go rapidly in K-pop, and something that was cool a few years ago may be...not so today!

In an interesting thread on Reddit, K-pop fans are discussing which old school K-pop trends and songs aren't so popular with newer fans, today. With Reddit being the home to a large number of fans who have diverse tastes and interests, the answers were certainly interesting.

Here are some older K-pop aspects and songs that some think newer fans won't take to today:

  • I think mid 00s boygroup hairstyle would be pretty divisive too. also that one awful yellow shade of blonde hair a few idols had. i'm sure that one still happens, but it'd be called out a lot more i'm sure.

  • That awful dubstep dance break in the middle of almost every song back then. It broke up the fluidity of the song and didn't sound particularly good.

  • There's a special place in kpop history for the likes of U-KISS Neverland and 2PM I'll Be Back.
    Makeup, hair, and fashion trends move so quickly that it's easy to date many MVs, but things also come back again quickly (like 90s fashion now). Maybe in a decade or two, kpop fans will also come full circle?

  • Box music video sets.
  • Gee would probably be liked today. Time and time again songs of this nature - above average aegyo factor, easy to follow dance, the repetitive/addictive hook in the chorus - has shown to be popular and widely played.

  • A lot of 4 minute songs and music videos have not aged very well thanks to the autotune and disaster styling of 2009-12ish (but they are still bops)

  • More open interaction between male and female idols probably. It used to be way more common for boy and girl groups to interact on variety shows and do CFs together (actually together, not separately shot footage in the same commercial). Some of those CFs are iconic.

  • My bias groups back when were Big Bang and 2ne1 and speaking as a fan, most of their early stuff hasn’t aged well. There is soooo much auto tune and it just feels really dated, along with their fashion. I’m talking about pre-2012. The singles were alright but the b-sides, oooh girl.


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