Love is something we all need at the moment, and BTS aim to bring it to the forefront.
3 Oct 2017 - 1:10 PM  UPDATED 4 Oct 2017 - 9:47 AM

From the drama-heavy pre-release highlight reels to the duel-meaning posters, BTS have undergone a dramatic concept change for their latest album Love Yourself 'Her'. For the boys though, this is nothing more than a natural evolution from their previous eras.

In a new interview with Billboard, BTS talked at length about the process behind the creation of Love Yourself 'Her', saying that there is creative freedom for each member to input their own thoughts and opinions into the visual elements and storytelling once a concept is decided upon. While the boys have their own influences, BTS say that inspiration for Love Yourself ''Her' doesn't come from any specific place, rather, it comes from everything that the members consume in culture, such as books, movies, fans, and music.

In regards to Love Yourself 'Her', the central concept this time around is centered upon "love," with a particular focus in the "passionate side of youth who are in love and feel like they are destined to be together." BTS are aiming to tell a story with their new album in which "love is the most important thing in the world," saying that love "you realize that you need to love yourself first to love someone in true form."

It may seem like Love Yourself 'Her' is a big departure from BTS' previous concepts, but to the boys, they think it is nothing more than a natural evolution of their previous work. Ultimately, the group aims to challenge themselves continuously with new ideas, and hopefully this will be reflected in their work.


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