It's good to have positive role models, and it's even better if they happen to be a K-pop star!
3 Oct 2017 - 1:35 PM  UPDATED 3 Oct 2017 - 1:35 PM

It goes without saying that K-pop idols are looked up to by many, many fans, and some stars have proven themselves to be positive role models.

In an interesting new thread over on Reddit, K-pop fans got into a fascinating discussion about which idols are positive role models among audiences. With Reddit being the home to a large number of fans who have diverse tastes and interests, the answers were certainly very interesting.

Here are some K-pop idols who some fans think are positive role models:

  • Tiffany's mom died when she was young. After her death Tiffany moved alone to South Korea (against her fathers initial wish) to pursue singing as her mother had encouraged her to. iirc she didn't visit her home in LA for years. Her stage name Tiffany was chosen because it was what her mother had wanted to give her (her real name "Stephanie" was chosen by her dad.)

  • Eunji, she will beat any fans that skips school to go to an Apink fan signing.

  • For me personally it has to be Hyojung (Also known as Oh My Girl's Candy Leader), she is just so super positive, hard working, very honest and down to earth, full of caring energy and can't stop smiling.
    Her dad passed away early, so when her mom seemed to have a hard time all by herself she started working all kinds of part-time jobs to help out.
    Apparently she earned the nickname 'part-time idol' back in her debut day's. Also one of her dreams back in the day was to dig for ginseng, since elementary school she would go around and dig up vegetables with her grandmother. :)

  • I honestly always think of Jonghyun from Shinee. He has often stated that he did not have a good childhood. His family had to go on welfare at one point and his father was a negative influence in his life (possibly absent, as well). He has also struggled with depression and insomnia for a long time. However, he loves his mom, sister, and members so much and has grown as both a musician and a composer while staying very modest and encouraging others.

  • Not quite an idol yet but Jang Moonbok. He was basically mocked by all of Korea when he was young because of his bad Super Star K audition. He lost so many of his friends, he had people harassing not only him but also calling his mother and cussing her out. He was in a dark, dark place and even contemplated suicide. The biggest reason he even grew iconic hair out was to hide himself from the world because he didn't want people to recognize him.
    But despite all that, he still wanted to follow his dreams. And he picked himself up and even embraced the meme-y nicknames given to him (Hip Hop President and his "Check!") and continued on working towards being a rapper. He's fully aware of his faults, and keeps up his positive attitude which you could really see shine in Produce 101. Despite everything he went through, he's still a shy goofy boy who wants to achieve his dreams and I think that's one of the most positive role models ever.

  • Ladies' Code's Sojung: This phenomenally talented young woman has seen far too many challenges and tragedies-- the death of her groupmates, her struggles with anorexia, the pressures of idol life. And she's still managed to battle through them with her strength.

  • BoA for sure. She's just such an inspiration in terms of how hard she's worked, how she continues to push herself and she's a confident, self-made woman. It couldnt have been easy, entering a cut-throat industry at an age where most teenagers are angsting over school and relationships but she pushed through and now 17 years later, she's continuing to slay.

  • In my opinion I think Kim Heechul is a pretty good role model for other idols. He’s figured out the kpop “game” and knows how to work it. I think he’s a lot smarter than people give him credit for.


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