From Snuper to Loona, who do you want to see?
5 Oct 2017 - 3:43 PM  UPDATED 5 Oct 2017 - 3:43 PM

At the end of this month, two of the mostly anticipated survival shows will hit the air.

The Unit will give 'failed idols' who have already debuted in the industry a second chance at success, with the end goal to create a new boy band and girl group. Meanwhile, YG Entertainment's Mix Nine will take both trainees and idols, but will only debut a girl group or a boy group, essentially giving the show a male vs. female twist.

Both shows have some great established talent on their casts, but here are a few that I'm anticipating the most!

LOONA (Mix Nine)

LOONA have yet to officially debut as a full group, but eight of the twelve members have debuted as soloists or in sub-units. The girls are already building up quite a dedicated fanbase, and I'm sure that members Heejin, Hyunjin and Haseul joining Mix Nine will bring them even more fans. 

T-ara's Areum (The Unit)

Areum's debut in the K-pop industry was an unfortunate case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The 23-year-old joined T-ara at the peak of their popularity in 2012, only to see the group embroiled in a near career-ending scandal with member Hwayoung a few months later. Areum stuck it out with T-ara for about two years, before leaving the group and fading into obscurity. It'll be interesting to see what Areum's like all these years later and how she reflects back on her experience with T-ara.

Dreamcatcher (Mix Nine)

Despite not hitting it big yet, Dreamcatcher have become popular with K-pop fans thanks to their unique Gothic concept and J-rock sound. Considering how different Dreamcatcher are to other girl groups, it'll be fascinating seeing if they can pull off more typical concepts as they make their way through various challenges on Mix Nine.

Snuper (The Unit)

Snuper are one of my favourite boy bands, but despite increasing album sales they still have yet to chart a song on the Gaon top 100. They debuted back in 2015, so if participating on a survival show is going to get them more exposure then I say go for it!

Ladies' Code's Ashley (Mix Nine)

Known for being a member of the incredibly talented Ladies' Code, Ashley was subject to tragedy in 2014 when a car accident killed members EunB and RiSe. Ladies' Code have promoted as a trio since then, but with a darker image and more alternative sound compared to the bright, sassy hits that filled the early part of their career. With her appearance on Mix Nine, fans will get to see Ashley in a different light and find out how she managed to overcome something so tragic to continue pursuing her passion. 

Hello Venus' Yoonjo (The Unit)

Thanks to her good looks and operatic vocals, Yoonjo was one of the most popular members of Hello Venus during the group's peak from 2012-2014. A contractual issue saw her and Yoo Ara part ways with the group in 2014, and Yoonjo quickly faded from the spotlight. Given her talent and former popularity, she could be a front-runner to make it to the end of The Unit


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