Now THIS would be monumental. (Too early to start clearing space in the BTS trophy cabinet?)
9 Oct 2017 - 11:13 AM  UPDATED 9 Oct 2017 - 11:13 AM

BTS have had a remarkable couple of years in terms of winning awards, managing to sweep up trophy after trophy, most notably a Billboard Music Award earlier this year. However, the boys' latest comeback may have put them in the position of being nominated for one of music's most prestigious gongs - a Grammy award!

In a new video from Billboard in which music experts Kevan Kenney (Billboard), Shenequa Golding (Vibe) and veteran music journalist John Norris all weighed in on the possible nominations for next year's Grammy Awards, the conversation took a turn for interesting when the trio started discussing who could score a Best New Artist nom.

The trio were all in agreement that BTS are a strong candidate for a nomination due to their strong international presence, but were a bit cautious on whether the boys would be eligible for the Best New Artist category due to the strict guidelines in which the Grammys operate under. Having said that, the panel would love to see BTS score a nom as it would be a pleasant surprise and it would be a good look for the event in terms of inclusiveness.

Check out the expert discussion on next year's Grammy Award nominations right here (BTS' shoutout comes in at the 6:00 mark):


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