10 years of unforgettable Girls' Generation moments to look back on.
10 Oct 2017 - 2:39 PM  UPDATED 10 Oct 2017 - 2:39 PM

In case you haven't heard yet, it is reported that three Girls' Generation members did not re-sign with SM Entertainment, with SeohyunSooyoung, and Tiffany deciding to seek pastures anew.

With SM Entertainment not yet confirming whether Girls' Generation will disband, the departures of Seohyun, Sooyoung, and Tiffany marks the end of what's been one of the most influential eras in all of K-pop.

To celebrate the legacy that Girls' Generation have left on K-pop, we've decided to take a walk down memory lane and re-visit 10 of the group's most memorable moments during their 10 years together.

10. 10th anniversary celebrations

Hard to believe, but Girls' Generation celebrated their 10th anniversary this year and they decided to mark the occasion with the release of their special 10th anniversary album, as well as a long-awaited live comeback on Korean music shows.

9. Performing at Tokyo Dome

One of the venues that every K-pop artist dreams of performing in Japan is the legendary Tokyo Dome, and Girls' Generation made their mark on the stadium when they performed to a sold-out crowd of 55,000 in 2014, becoming the second Korean girl group after KARA to perform there.

8. Coming back with 8 members

When Jessica left the group in 2014, questions were raised as to whether Girls' Generation would still have the same spark. Thankfully, the girls proved that they were stronger than ever with the release of "Catch Me If You Can," which was another massive hit.

7. The crazy success of Gee

"Gee" was (and still is) one of K-pop's most iconic songs, and it was an absolute blockbuster of a song when it was released back in racking up a whopping 14 music show wins and topping Music Bank for an incredibly 9 consecutive weeks.

6. Their first tour

One of the big goals for any K-pop group is to hold their first ever concert tour, and Girls' Generation's very first Asia Tour - fittingly titled "Into The New World" - proved to be one of the most iconic concert tour debuts ever by a K-pop group.

5. Performing Genie on the top of a building

Not only was "Genie" a massive success when it was released, the group decided to do something very special for this comeback by performing the song on top of the roof of the building where Music Core is filmed. Needless to say, this captured Korea's imagination and this performance (and episode) remains one of the highest ever in Music Core history.

4. Debuting in America

Seeing as how they had conquered Korea, the girls decided to take the next big leap to America. And boy did they make a big mark, charming audiences everywhere with their performances and charisma.

3. Winning the Video of the Year at the YouTube Music Awards

Up against some big-name artists like Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and One Direction, it would be a tall task for Girls' Generation to topple those pop giants for the Video of the Year award. But somehow, the girls did it and managed to make some history along with it.

2. Winning the 2010 Daesang at the Golden Disk Awards

With no expectations of winning, the group were there just to have a good time. Right up to the point when Girls' Generation were announced as the winners and the members had to take a few moments for everything to sink in.

1. Their debut stage

The moment when all the magic first began. It may be 10 years later, but this performance still sticks in our minds as one of K-pop's finest.


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