His travel photos through the country are awesome!
10 Oct 2017 - 10:54 AM  UPDATED 10 Oct 2017 - 10:54 AM

About a year ago, Piko Taro-mania was in full effect. The catchy under-a-minute-long brain melter “PPAP” was at its most buzzed-about, with Justin Bieber blessing it on social media and every website under the sun reporting on it. You remember all this, right? Let’s revisit the song once more, it’s not like it will eat up much of your time.

More than 12 months later, Piko Taro’s still basking in the success his oddball ditty brought him. Recently, he traveled to Uganda in part to meet with the country’s president Yoweri Museveni. While there, Piko Taro landed a nifty new job to an ever-growing list of honours. The government made the cheetah-print-clad performer a tourism ambassador for Uganda in a bid to get more Japanese to visit the African republic. According to reports, this involved him planning to write a song about Uganda.

He wasted no time attending to his duties. On Twitter, Piko Taro documented his trip through the country, posting shots of special clothes and of a produce market featuring a certain fruit central to his continued relevance. He also found time to watch Uganda vs. Ghana, which ended up being quite the controversial match. When you bring an internet superstar into the stadium, anything is possible.

While he’s galavanting around the world, another fun fact about Piko Taro’s recent life became known. Daimaou Kosaka, the comedian playing (or “producing”) Piko Taro told a Japanese TV program in September that he made hundreds of millions of yen a month from “PPAP.” While specifics aren’t clear, he did reveal that this has equalled the total income he made over the last 25 years. Which, given the relatively under-the-radar nature of Kosaka’s career, seems fair.

What’s next for Piko Taro? Time will tell. But don’t expect him to step away from the light anytime soon.

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