Every member is important, but there is one person whose absence would be really felt.
11 Oct 2017 - 1:46 PM  UPDATED 11 Oct 2017 - 1:46 PM

Every member in a K-pop group is incredibly important in terms of dynamic, visuals, and musical identify. However, there is sometimes that one member whose absence would be dramatically felt if you were to take them away from the group.

In an interesting new thread over on Reddit, K-pop fans got into a fascinating discussion about those members who are considered to be the "glue" of their group. With Reddit being the home to a large number of fans who have diverse tastes and interests, the answers were certainly very interesting.

Here are some K-pop idols who fans think are the "glue" of their groups:

  • I know Big Bang cant afford any member losses. However, if someone did leave, I kind of weirdly imagine that Seungri leaving would cause the group to disband.
    I know GD makes the songs and all but in terms of the group's bond, Seungri keeps them all together and keeps their spirits up. He does a lot in making sure all his hyungs are in good condition and happy.

  • I feel you but tbh no member is close to GD in terms of importance. If GD leaves the group then there is no Big Bang. If Seungri leaves maybe they fall apart and disband, but there would still be a possibility of continuing as long as GD stays.

  • Wheein is the glue and back bone of Mamamoo. Their CEO created Mamamoo starting from Wheein and Hwasa as the center, but Wheein's clean vocals helps bring together the other members different flairs and styles. Typically she sings the notes pitch wise in the middle of Solar and Hwasa. Off the bat she was close with Moonbyul from being a part of a group with her before as trainees and she's tied to the hip/best friends with Hwasa. (Of course she's also grown close to Solar.) Wheein is the #1 beagle of the group and gives the others energy. If you watch Solar with the Moonbyul and Hwasa, she is a lot calmer than when she's with Wheein. Solar even said they can't have an angel line (Wheein&Solar) vapp livestream because they'd be too crazy and energetic.

  • Yongguk, for sure. The whole group is built around him and his vision. They literally would not exist if he had never joined TS Ent. He writes almost all of their lyrics, composes and produces a fair chunk of their material, and is a leader in just about every sense. The rest of the guys look up to him as a leader, friend, and role-model, and always go to him for guidance. When he took his mental health hiatus, the group never did a single event without talking about him and how he should be there, and when they won the Best Korea Act award at the EMAs, and accepted the award without him, they said that everything was thanks to him. Yongguk is the heart of B.A.P, and he truly has made them what they are.

  • Minho. he is the heart and the rock they relay on(I can't even think about Jonghyun and Key without Minho supporting them any time they needed him).

  • For Soshi, i think most sones can agree that its Tiffany. Shes really the heart of the group and the “center” personality, if that makes sense. Shes close with every member in a unique way and is one of the best “networkers” in the group. As T-Manager, she has fought for better treatment for the group even though the other members sometimes tease her for her passionate arguing skills haha. Her love for the other members and the group as a whole is really amazing, and you can see how much the other members really love her too. recently she even got two tattoos dedicated to soshi.
    Music wise, she has probably the most distinct voice in the group that people can recognize in a second, and no Soshi song is complete without her iconic english lines

  • "I love the members more than the fans"
    -Sunggyu, leader of Infinite.

  • No RapMon, no BTS. When it comes to emotional states, I'd say it's Jimin since he gives his all to make sure everybody's feeling okay but the group does not exist without Kim Namjoon making sure everything functions. He is the reason it exists after all.
    Also there is no Got7 without Jackson. Everybody knows it, JYP knows it.

  • For Nu'est, probably JR.
  • Minhyuk in Monsta X. He's the sunshine and the others rely on him for his positivity.
  • Seulgi-Red Velvet She's just such an integral part of the reason why they work.

  • Jihyo is the backbone of TWICE


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