FNC has issued out a statement regarding the former AOA member's future.
11 Oct 2017 - 10:30 AM  UPDATED 11 Oct 2017 - 10:30 AM

It was a sad day when Choa announced that she was leaving AOA, but it looks like the singer has plans beyond just leaving the popular girl group.

According to a new report from Nate, Choa will stop all entertainment-related activities in 2018 after her current contract with sportswear brand Ellesse Korea ends. It is reported that the singer has no activities or contracts scheduled next year, leading to speculation from fans that she may be retiring from the entertainment industry altogether. Here are some of the comments that fans have left in regards to Choa's future:

  • Honestly the best career path for a woman ㅋㅋ she made it into a decent girl group, saved up some money, and is getting married at the most beautiful age ㅋㅋ
  • Is she getting married~?
  • Choa used to sell cellphones before she became a celebrity and pulled 6 million won a month. She's a hard worker, and probably realized that the celebrity industry just isn't about hard work after seeing Seolhyun. She's probably better off living a quiet life after getting married.
  • Well whether she gets married or takes a break... she seems to be a hard worker so I'm sure she'll be fine... whatever's most comfortable for her
  • I really wish her happiness after all the suffering. She was a hard worker and did everything in her power but the idol industry is just too harsh. it drains you out and leaves you with nothing even if you make it.

In response to all this speculation over Choa's future, her company FNC Entertainment have issued out a statement saying that "nothing has been confirmed."


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