Trying not to cry, trying not to cry...
12 Oct 2017 - 9:39 AM  UPDATED 12 Oct 2017 - 9:45 AM

It's been a few days since news broke that SeohyunSooyoung, and Tiffany didn't re-sign contracts with SM Entertainment, and we're still recovering from what this means for the future for Girls' Generation. With all that's gone on, this suddenly puts the group's recent 10th anniversary fan event in a new, bittersweet light.

Back in August, Girls' Generation held a special fan meeting to celebrate their 10th anniversary and one of the highlights of the event was when every member took the time to say something nice to the person sitting next to them.

Taeyeon kicked things off by complimenting YoonA, who then lovingly told Yuri that she is "cool and pretty." Things took an emotional turn when it was Seohyun's turn and she told Tiffany "unnie, you are very dependable. I love you," and the tears continued to flow when Tiffany made Sunny cry by telling her "you're amazing and incredible. From the past til now and to the future, let's love each other unchangingly.

Sooyoung was the next member to receive some kind words and Sunny told her "I'm very sorry. There's a lot of things I wanted to tell you long ago. I'm very sorry and thank you for being a part of Girls' Generation."

Last but not least was Sooyoung sharing some kind words to Taeyeon, saying "I'm very proud of you. No matter where I go, I speak highly of my members. I'm so fortunate that Taeyeon is our main vocal.

No one would've thought that Girls' Generation would be losing 3 members just a few months after this event, thus this could be one of the last times that we will see all 8 members interacting like this. What was initially seen as some kind words to each other now feels like a goodbye.

Trying not to cry, trying not to cry...


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