Hyungwon is the K-pop meme king!
13 Oct 2017 - 1:51 PM  UPDATED 13 Oct 2017 - 1:51 PM

Monsta X was formed by Starship Entertainment through the survival show No Mercy in 2015. The group has been rising in popularity with each comeback and recently performed at KCON 2017 AUSTRALIA with artists such as EXO and Girl's Day.

Let’s learn more about the boys!

1. Shownu was a former trainee of JYP Entertainment working with GOT7. He left due to training absences but is still friends with all the GOT7 members. (What could have been!)

2. Wonho was a former back up dancer for SISTAR while they were promoting their single "So Cool."

3. Kihyun is the cleanest member saying he gets it from his father (he's known as the mother of the group).

4. Hyungwon has become famous for his hilarious reactions. Memes have been made of the member and have even appeared on popular websites such as 9GAG (he is the k-pop meme king haha)!

5. Jooheon is able to impersonate Michael Jackson and Zion T. He can even do both impersonations at the same time!

6. Minhyuk is the member that is the hardest to wake up or convince to take a shower (there’s always one in a group haha)!

7. I.M - according to the members - is really funny since he has a weird sense of humour.

8. Shownu said that he doesn’t mind dating older women as long as they’re not as old as his mum.

9. Wonho used to be a former ‘Ulzzang’ before his debut, which is South Korean slang for being known as an attractive/good looking person that isn’t a celebrity.

10. Kihyun believes he’s the best cook in the group because he’s had experience in the past. According to him, the other members are all horrible cooks.

11. Hyungwon used to be a popular model before joining Monsta X. He used to participate in various fashion shows (before he was a meme king, he was a fashion king)!

12. Jooheon participated in survival rap show Show Me the Money 4 and passed the audition round. Unfortunately, he didn’t get much further, being eliminated before the finals.

13. Minhyuk is known for being the mood maker of the group with his hilarious jokes and personality. Seems like he’d be fun to be around!

14. I.M lived in the United States for three years and Israel for four years. This was because his father was a scientist who had to travel for work.

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