"People only know me as I.O.I Chaeyeon!"
16 Oct 2017 - 3:40 PM  UPDATED 16 Oct 2017 - 3:44 PM

DIA have made a lot of comebacks this year, but the girls are still struggling to achieve impressive results on the charts.

Instead of being bitter about their lack of popularity, the girls decided to poke fun at themselves during their appearance on SNL Korea over the weekend. 

In a hilarious sketch, the girls ask a Ouija board how they can become popular. 

"It's already our second year since debut, can't we get popular?" asks member Eunice.

Chaeyeon adds: "Do you know what pops up first on the search engine? 'DIA CARAT PRICE, MARRIED GIFT'."

Eunice then says "But at least you're popular," to which Chaeyeon responds, "Well it's useless when people only know me as 'I.O.I Chaeyeon'."

Hopefully DIA's new single "Good Night" will help them reach the popularity that they deserve!

[Via Reddit]


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