The mini album name says it all!
17 Oct 2017 - 4:44 PM  UPDATED 17 Oct 2017 - 4:46 PM

Congratulations to Highlight!

The five-member boy group celebrated their eighth year since debuting in 2009. The band dropped a mini album Celebrate yesterday with its title track “Can Be Better.” 

At their comeback showcase, which was also broadcast live online, the five were full of energy as always and gave special thanks to their fans, as they not only sang and danced, but played games and talked about their future plans.

They hinted at having something planned that will surprise fans a lot. It was a meaningful event for Highlight, as it’s been just over a year since the group was reborn as Highlight. The band debuted as BEAST eight years ago, but renamed itself Highlight last year after leaving Cube Entertainment and launching their independent company Around US Entertainment.

Hash Tag wins global fans’ hearts in less than a week

Rookie girl group Hash Tag debuted six days ago and already fan pages, in more than 10 countries, have been opened, according to the group’s agency Luk Factory.

The seven-member group not only has a trendy name, but Hash Tag showed their potential to become a global idol group with their catchy and cute debut song “Hue.” They performed perfectly at their showcase last week, for debut EP “The Girl Next Door.” 

What’s also grabbing the K-pop scene’s attention is that Kan Mi-yeon, member of Baby V.O.X, one of the “first-generation” idol groups was heavily involved in producing the new group. On Hash Tag’s debut day Kan told reporters that there isn’t any area that she hasn’t participated in, including visuals, styling and more, which is why she felt nervous and proud seeing her brainchild on stage.

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