Say hi to the leader of JYP Entertainment's new boy group, Stray Kids!
18 Oct 2017 - 12:35 PM  UPDATED 18 Oct 2017 - 12:58 PM

After months of teasing, JYP Entertainment's new boy group survival show Stray Kids has finally hit airwaves! Depicting the journey of a group of JYP trainees aiming to debut as part of the company's new boy group Stray Kids, the first episode of the show shone a spotlight on one particular member who will instantly be a favourite to all Aussie K-pop fans - Australia's own Bang Chan!

To get up to speed on who Bang Chan is before Stray Kids make their highly anticipated debut, we've rounded up some fun facts on our soon-to-be K-pop bias!

5. He auditioned for JYP Entertainment back in 2010

Back when he was a kid living in Sydney, Australia, Bang Chan went to audition for JYP Entertainment and managed to make the cut!

JYP Stray Kids Member Profiles

4. He's only 20 years old!

Despite training for 7 years, Bang Chan is only 20 years old so he's still a baby (relatively speaking)!

Having said that, he's done quite a bit as a trainee, including being part of a pre-debut group called 3racha.

Stray Kids Chan Member Profile Facts Ideal Type

3. He's Stray Kids' leader

He's also the group's lead vocalist, rapper, and dancer. Talk about multi-talented! In fact, his official description is "multi-cheat key!"

2. His English name is Chris!

And his stage name is Chan!

1. He trained with members of GOT7, DAY6, and TWICE

And after seven years of training, Bang Chan will soon debut alongside his long-time JYP trainees and idol friends!


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