Super Junior’s Choi Siwon in a lead role? Oh, that's just the beginning...
20 Oct 2017 - 3:20 PM  UPDATED 20 Oct 2017 - 3:20 PM

No-one can quite live up to the levels of meme that Super Junior's Siwon is able to express whilst acting in a K-drama. And now we’re being treated to Siwon as a main lead! 

This kind of dangerous drama combination is not good for the heart, so here are five warnings about Revolutionary Love before you commit:

1. The drama writers definitely know what we want

What do we want? Well-developed characters who are more than meets the eye? A sophisticated balance of humour and sobering moments of family and business drama? A strong female lead? Revolutionary Love ticks most of these already. The writers are playing with our hearts; Siwon shirtless in the first episode is very dangerous but we can’t deny it’s what we all secretly hoped for deep down.

2. Siwon is confusing, but that’s not a bad thing

His character in Revolutionary Love almost feels like an extension of Siwon’s character in She Was Pretty; goofball/overgrown man-child who turns out to be surprisingly deep and philosophical. His living-meme side springs out in moments where he stops in the middle of something to fart, or just make really weird facial expressions. Screenshots of his derpy face could legitimately be the future of memes. On the other hand though, he has moments of sentimentality where he recites poetry (okay, maybe that’s just a tad ironic) and protects little dandelion seeds. This contrast helps us realise that he’s just someone that wants to do good by the world, and wants people to listen and respect him for once. His impulsiveness has been mistaken for idiocy, but he’s working to turn this perception around (it’s a drama, what else did you expect?).

3. Byun Hyuk’s life situation is kinda sucky

Continuing on from the previous point, here’s a clear warning that seeing Hyuk’s family situation is going to hurt. Not only does his father think hitting with a golf club and a baseball bat is acceptable, but everyone else kind of just condones it/approves of it. Seeing Siwon all bloodied up is painful and makes your heart ache. Watching everyone dismiss his ideas, and not listen to his explanations of events, is equally as painful because he’s just trying to do the right thing (instead of bribing victims and the like, jeez).

Not sure what’s worse though, his snake of an older brother, or the sad fact that his overwhelming feelings of bromance aren’t fully reciprocated by Gong Myung’s character Jae Hoon </3.

4. The hints of a love triangle are already soul destroying

Speaking of Jae Hoon, this already forming love triangle is going to be the death of us all. On one hand we have Hyuk, who really doesn’t have anyone that genuinely cares about him as a person. He falls in love with Kang Sora’s character Joon almost instantly after seeing how brave she is, and has a cute puppy smile every time he sees/thinks about her. But then Jae Hoon is also equally as pitiful; he’s always been neglected in favour of everyone else taking care of Hyuk, and is always stuck dealing with Hyuk’s messes. He pines after Joon, and does that classic secretly-make-sure-she-gets-home move, but is emotionally stunted and can’t really tell her how he feels. Why, drama writers, why?

5. Kang Sora’s character is kind of amazing (I think I’m in love with her too)

She stands up to bratty obnoxious hotel guests, isn’t willing to give up her pride for money, and chases down her boss who has been underpaying her and threatens legal action. Need I say more?

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