Can't. Stop. Laughing. They're all so Extra!
20 Oct 2017 - 3:33 PM  UPDATED 20 Oct 2017 - 3:33 PM

BTOB have a fun side to them that never fails to liven up the atmosphere!

Here are 7 moments that are guaranteed to get you cracking with laughter.

1. Sungjae & Eunkwang dressing up at Idol Athletics Championships, despite it not being Halloween.

Filming for Idol Athletics Championships can be quite long and tiring for all the idols involved. However, with BTOB around, energy levels instantly go up with their funny cosplays and personas that include Legolas and Cupid.  


Look how happy BTS' Jimin is playing with Eunkwang's horse costume.  


2. When Ilhoon broke his mic stand during a live performance of "Remember That."

It's even funnier to see the members bursting at the seams, trying desperately to hold their laughter in while singing the emotional ballad. Definitely a performance to remember.


3. Posing for the red carpet.

Gotta love their unique red-carpet group poses. So creative. 


4. When they wore wigs, makeup and even leeks.

Handsome visuals? Idol image? Ha, these boys know no such thing. They ain't afraid to get ugly.


5. Changsub's reaction every time his offer for a handshake gets ignored.  

Poor boy. We'll give you a handshake!



So funny that he later recognised a fan that missed his handshake. 


6. When Minhyuk stopped talking mid-sentence, after realising the connotations of what he was saying.

He has no filter lol.

7. Eunkwang performing his legendary "ugly dance."

This is their leader. It might help to explain some things.


BTOB are not only insanely talented but also one of the funniest idol groups out there. They don't take themselves too seriously, how can you not love these dorks?! 

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