Some of them are even born in different decades!
24 Oct 2017 - 2:20 PM  UPDATED 6 Aug 2018 - 3:54 PM

These idol groups have some of the largest age gaps between the oldest and youngest members. 

1. After School

Although they were only together, in the group, for a few months before Kahi's departure, Kahi and Kaeun have a 14-year difference. Kahi (right) was born in 1980 while Kaeun (left) was born in 1994!

Age gap: 14 years

2. g.o.d.

First generation idol group g.o.d., who had a reunion tour earlier this year, have a massive age gap between the oldest and youngest member. Leader Joon (in pink) was born in 1969 while maknae Taewoo (in white) was born in 1981.


Age gap: 12 years

3. Wanna One

Oldest member Jisung (right) was born in 1991 while fellow bandmate Guanlin (left) was born in 2001. A decade difference!  

Age gap: 10 years

4. DIA

Eunice (left) is a 1991-liner while the youngest member of the group, Somyi (right) was born in 2000.


Age gap: 9 years

5. U-Kiss

Soohyun (left) was born in 1989 while maknae Jun (right) was born in 1997.


Age gap: 8 years 

6. Red Velvet

Beautiful youthful-looking Irene (right) was born in 1991 while the baby of the group Yeri (left), was born in 1999.


Age gap: 8 years

7. Girl's Day

Leader Sojin (left) was born in 1986 while Hyeri (right) was born in 1994. Too much cuteness to handle. 


Age gap: 8 years 

8. NCT

Oldest member Taeil (right) was born in 1994 while adorable youngster Jisung (left) was born in 2002.

Age gap: 8 years 

Any others you can think of?


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