Soooo, mind sharing Suga's number with us, Tablo? (And yours too while you're at it?)
24 Oct 2017 - 9:31 AM  UPDATED 24 Oct 2017 - 9:39 AM

Epik High just made their long-awaited comeback last night with their new album We've Done Something wonderful, and the reception has been nothing short of fantastic, with their new title tracks "Love Story" and "Home Is Far Away" immediately topping all the major real-time charts. While the group are looking forward to seeing fans for their upcoming comeback concert, Tablo is quite nervous for one reason - he has to dance!

The trio were guests on the October 23 episode of 2 O'Clock Escape Cultwo Show, and Tablo said that he's nervous for the group's upcoming concert because he made a promise to dance if their song "Born Hater" passed 10 million views, which it ultimately did.

Since he now has to fulfill his promise, Tablo is a bit reluctant because he says that he is "bad at dancing" and that he doesn't "know what to do." However, he did get a good piece of advice from his friends, which is if you can do BTS' "Fire," you can dance!

With that in mind, Tablo decided to take on that advice and get help from the best person available to help his dancing, as well as learning the moves to "Fire" - Suga!

After talking about learning the moves to "Fire," Tablo later shared an image of a text conversation he had with Suga, along with the caption “I am really trying to learn it… But there’s no way it will work out… Just dreading it.”

It all starts off pretty innocently, with Tablo writing “Hey, teach me the ‘Fire’ choreography sometime. Sorry, but I’m serious,” only for Suga to reply with a hilarious “Of course I will teach you. Your bones might break!

Credit to Tablo for facing his fears and doing his best to get his dancing chops up to scratch!

As much as we want to see Tablo dance to ""Fire," we're kinda hoping that he and Suga (and all of BTS) would collab on a project sometime!


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