And why Tablo sent SUGA a message about it.
Regina Kim

27 Oct 2017 - 2:37 PM  UPDATED 27 Oct 2017 - 2:39 PM

On October 24 Epik High held a round interview about their newest album, "We’ve done something wonderful." 

It's the 14th year since their debut, and it took them three years to comeback with a full new album. They were asked why they won’t release any single albums and they said that these days all the idols have comebacks with lots of singles, but they grew up with a full album, so have decided to make full albums instead.

The boys say when they were young they had more time for themselves to fully concentrate on their work, but now they're married they need to be with their family more often. Their music is motivated by the fact that people often look happy on the outside, but inside you never know what they're thinking and they want to put those thoughts into the music.

Tablo says that once they make songs, they always consider who they'll collab with, and write songs with the singer’s personality and characters in mind. DJ Tukutz always contacts the artists.

Getting IU to feature on one of their albums was a unique experience. Since IU is a huge fan of Epik High, she invited the boys to perform their song "Hate Me" at her concert. They performed on stage and while IU was interviewing them they just asked her to join their new album and she said ‘yes’.

They’ve told fans that if their music video hits 10 million views they will dance something special at their concert. They decided that dance would be BTS’s "Fire." But, they went to the dance studio to learn it but it was hard. Tablo sent an S.O.S to Suga (from BTS) to teach him the dance moves. Suga told him that he might break his bones while learning. So Epik High say they might do Sunmi's "Gashina" or Seo Tae Ji "Come back home."

Since it’s their 14th year since debuting, it will be a special album from Epik High. They say they just want people to enjoy their songs.

When BTS were trainees they dreamed of being a singer like Epik High, and their favourite song was "FLY." EpiK High have made a song "We’ve done something wonderful" for trainees to never give up on dreaming to be an idol. 

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