She’s already wowed viewers on YouTube, so y'know, she's a big deal!
26 Oct 2017 - 10:40 AM  UPDATED 26 Oct 2017 - 10:46 AM

So much music in Japan circa 2017 sounds laid back; songs built for hammocks or picnic blankets in the sun. So, it's great to hear an artist rise up the ranks using similar elements - funk, disco, upbeat lyrics - but do it in a way designed to get the body moving.

Meet She Is Summer, an electro-pop project revolving around vocalist MICO and her bubbly dance numbers. And just in time too, as her first full-length album under the name WATER comes out on November 8.

Based on profile information available on the She Is Summer site, MICO initially played in a different electro-pop unit prior to starting her solo project. That began in the spring of 2016, leading to something resembling a breakout hit for She Is Summer in the form of “Tobikiri No Osyareshite Wakarebanashi Wo,” a twinkling disco-indebted number hiding a few uneasy vocal tics alongside lyrics about breaking up. It’s a catchy number, though a lot of attention fell on the video, and how “cute” MICO comes off in it:

She certainly has charm, which comes off in all of the project’s accompanying clips. But focusing on her charisma draws attention away from the equally dizzying music. So far, She Is Summer makes gleeful electro-pop, featuring sun-dappled choruses and squiggly synthesizer lines that give each song a welcome energy. Even something a little less crowded, such as most recent number “Water Slider” (first video up top) features a groove that can get those in a less-than-happy mood to move around.

She Is Summer is still relatively young in the J-pop landscape, but with her debut album on the way, she seems poised for big movement in the months to come. And hopefully her elastic pop can get you moving, too.

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