Shout-out to our fave K-drama couple for showing us that love is real <3
30 Oct 2017 - 3:29 PM  UPDATED 30 Oct 2017 - 3:29 PM

I'm claiming it, Descendants of the Sun was a drama that defined 2016. Everything pulled on our hearts, the OST became our go-to playlist for feels - both happy and sad, and iconic moments in the drama were immortalised through countless parodies.

At the heart of DoTS is our beloved main couple; Captain Yoo Shi jin and Doctor Kang Mo Yeon truly captured our hearts, so when we found out Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo were getting married we all spontaneously combusted and exploded from joy.

The cute couple are tying the knot on October 31 (a nod to Song Joong Ki’s character’s return from the dead perhaps?), so let’s throw it back with 7 of the best Song-Song couple moments. 

1. The phone flip

This move made everyone lose their hearts to Yoo Shi Jin, and it sparked the passionate romance between our two leads. If you needed any further testament to its impact on pop culture look no further than the recent School 2017 which parodied this classic phone flip move.  

2. Slow-motion reunion in Uruk

There’s something about the way they did slow-motion in DoTS that shakes our world. Maybe it’s the combination of an amazing soundtrack and the super good camerawork, but you really feel the *drama* when the two leads see each other again.

3. How cute they are at home too

Their romance went from melodrama to spy-action blockbuster, but this cute couple showed they could be homebodies and snuggle and do normal couple things too. Not only is their banter top-notch, they both look super adorable in their snuggle sweaters.


4. Their steamy kisses

If anything fuelled all those (now proven justified) Song-Song dating rumours, it was the absolutely amazing kissing scenes they did for DoTS. In K-dramas, you might see the brief lip brushing, awkward female-lead-clamming-up type kissing, or some proper kissing, but this couple took K-drama kissing to a whole new level. Like damn, look at them go.


Despite knowing that the drama writers would probably not be so cruel as to actually kill Yoo Shi Jin off, I still wept buckets of tears alongside Kang Mo Yeon when she thought he died. When he finally returned, it’s safe to say that we all probably bawled our eyes out and turned into emotional messes.

6. All their loving looks

Can someone give this couple an award for the best loving gazes? The amount of love and affection they can convey in a look is amazing.

Like check out Yoo Shi Jin’s absolutely adoring gaze.

The way they look at each other is enough to make your heart melt.

7. When the signs of their romance were there all along

From day 1, the signs were there.

Congratulations to the happy couple! \

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