Just try explaining BIGBANG's "Fantastic Baby" concept to someone who knows nothing about K-pop...
31 Oct 2017 - 2:20 PM  UPDATED 12 Sep 2018 - 12:48 PM

There's countless K-pop concepts that would make perfect Halloween costumes. But while this would all make sense to K-pop fans, those who know nothing about the genre may find it a bit baffling!

Here are 23 K-pop concepts that would make great Halloween costumes  - and 23 reactions from non K-pop fans who will undoubtedly be scratching their heads the whole time.

23. Which 80's movie are you ripping off?

22. Is it Kill Bill? But without swords, yellow jumpsuits, or blood...?


21. Who's the clown in this circus? There has to be a clown!

20. Why is the future all white, blue, and grey? What happened to all the other colours?

19. Cowboy? No matador? What's happening?

18. Are you meant to be dressing up as a shower or something? And is it heavy wearing that thing on your head?

17. Toy soldiers? You look like decorative navy officers...


16. Okay are you just dressed cute? What's the theme here?

15. You're totally doing Elvis, right?

14. But there's only one Catwoman, not seven...


13. Just black and white? That's boring...

12. Sushi is a food, not a Halloween costume!


11. So you're dressed the same as normal, except you're 'tiny'...?

10. You look badass, but why do you have people dressed as zombies following you?

9. How are you not tripping over your hair right now?


8. Pippi Longstockings! No? Then what's with the hair?

7. Creepy robots? Okay, we can understand that, but what's with the trashcan on your head?

6. What's the point of wearing helmets while NOT riding a bike...

5. Soooo, you're bottles of soda...? Does that mean we can drink you or something?

4. That's totally Alice in Wonderland!

3. Why are you two connected at the chest by a stake?

2. You're rebels in a dystopian future? Sounds a bit like Hunger Games...

1. Cool costume but you're literally tied to one spot... do you want me to get you a drink?



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