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2 Nov 2017 - 2:51 PM  UPDATED 2 Nov 2017 - 2:51 PM

TWICE's new "Likey" MV is perhaps one of their most visually striking efforts yet, having been filmed across various iconic locations in Vancouver, Canada. 

But while the video's locations have definitely struck a chord some, the teenage shenanigans that TWICE get up to are perhaps some of the most relatable we've ever seen!

From goofing around in the local ice cream store to skateboarding around town, here are 17 "Likey" moments that got WAY too real!

17. Just wandering the halls looking for your locker

16. Who hasn't done this with a pencil/pen?

15. Just trying to squeeze all your friends into one selfie...

14. When you need to decide who gets the last piece of chocolate!

13. Whenever you see ducks, you just HAVE to feed them!

12. When you play with your ice cream!

11. When you want to film everything with your new camera

10. It's a nice day for a bike ride....

9. Or for some skateboarding

8. Who cares about class, let's just do Momo's hair instead!

7. When you and your friends find an ideal spot in the city to take a group selfie!

6. Goofing around and figuring out your best post for your friend's new camera

5. When you see a super-cute dress you can't afford...

4. Just doing some exercises in the park with your friends!

3. The only people on the train is you and your friends so there's only 1 logical thing to do - goof around!

2. That feeling when your final class is over!

1. That post-exam feeling!

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