"You're kind of old. 28 years old. In terms of idols, it's an age where you should retire."
6 Nov 2017 - 12:04 PM  UPDATED 6 Nov 2017 - 12:04 PM

The new K-pop reality competition show Mix Nine has only been on air for a few weeks, but YG CEO Yang Hyun-suk has quickly established himself as a hard-to-please judge who doesn't hold back with his criticism. For the latest episode of the show, the YG boss once again had some strong words for a trainee and fans weren't too happy at what he said.

During the latest Mix Nine episode, Yang Hyun-Suk and Zion.T visited Mole Entertainment and were met with trainees and idols. Following each audition performance, each idol stood before the two judges for feedback and one trainee that caught the YG CEO's eye was Lee Sori.

Following Lee Sori's reveal that she's 28 years old, Yang Hyun Suk commented that "You're kind of old. 28 years old. In terms of idols, it's an age where you should retire" to which Lee Sori replied, "Is it? It's just the beginning for me."

After it was revealed that the trainee had debuted in a failed group called CocoSori, the YG CEO commented that "It failed, right? I'm being really straight forward." Despite Lee Sori trying to explain the situation and saying that "I did CocoSori, and did the Real Girl Project through the drama,"   Yang Hyun-suk continued by saying "Nothing is working out, but you're doing a lot of things."

Lee Sori then said that despite the lack of success, she is "enjoying herself," to which the YG CEO said that "I don't think you're in a situation to be enjoying yourself."

Needless to say, fans weren't too happy at the YG CEO's comments to Lee Sori and many took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the conversation:

While the conversation didn't start well, it did end on a very positive note as Lee Sori managed to impress Yang Hyun-suk with her singing, enough that she and her three CocoSori group members were accepted and the YG CEO told them all that they did a "good job."

As a cherry on top, Lee Sori's performance was so impressive that YG decided to release her take of "To Myself" on iTunes. It may have started off a bit rough, but everything ended nicely for everyone!


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