No need to worry, Nichkhun didn't "hit him" or say "bad words" to him!
7 Nov 2017 - 11:50 AM  UPDATED 7 Nov 2017 - 11:51 AM

DAY6's Jae has become quite the vlogger ever since he opened up his YouTube channel a few months ago, and joining him this week on his latest video is none other than his buddy and fellow JYP labelmate, Nichkhun from 2PM!

The duo spend the bulk of the video hanging out while answering a bunch of fan questions, many of which are quite interesting. However, the most interesting (and surprising) question was when a fan asked what Nichkhun tell GOT7's JB for one to two hours at the JYP dinner after NATION.

According to Nichkhun, he sat JB down for a serious chat and the GOT7 leader confided in Nichkhun about having a crisis over his leadership responsibilities for his group, and the conversation eventually resulted in JB crying. There may have been some truly ridiculous rumours as to why JB was crying, but Nichkhun reassures Jae (and us) that he didn't "hit" or say "bad words" to JB and all he did was give his honest and best advice on how to be a hyung and leader to GOT7.

Ultimately, Nichkhun says that JB is a good kid who is already doing very well for himself and his group, and that all he wishes is that he have a bit more confidence in himself.

Awww, lovely to see how all the JYP labelmates support each other during the difficult times!

Check out Nichkhun explaining how he inadvertently made GOT7's JB cry right here (at the 2:18 mark): 


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