They've shared the song “My landscape” for the rest of us...
7 Nov 2017 - 10:29 AM  UPDATED 7 Nov 2017 - 10:31 AM

Idol outfit BiSH come from a musical family tree known for shaking conventions up. So given how deep into the BiSH waters you are, their surprise decision to release physical copies of new album THE GUERRiLLA BiSH into Tower Records stores across Japan this past weekend - weeks ahead of its official November 29 release - might feel a little tame compared to some of the stunts that have been pulled in the past.

But, as a move to make fans of their music happy, well, they’ll definitely take this twist. Especially when you factor in the fact they sold these advanced copies for ¥300.

It’s a charming move in the age of surprise digital album drops, and a nice present for fans capable of dropping everything they had going on a weekend night to rush out to a big box retailer. For the rest of us, we get “My landscape,” a new song appearing on THE GUERRiLLA BiSH. Watch the video below:

The song serves as a slight departure for the group. Up until now, BiSH have primarily dabbled in more aggressive rock songs, featuring a surplus of electric guitar chugs and metal-worthy drumming. “GiANT KiLLERS” from earlier this year typifies it best; quick, hard-hitting and spiked by screaming. “My landscape” opts for swelling, centered around violin and plenty of space for the members of BiSH to sing in a more nuanced style. Rather than bludgeon, everything builds up to a chorus where the group can really spill over both vocally and musically. It’s not a first, another single from this year toed something similar, albeit in a more generic J-pop format that does a disservice to the idea of BiSH being out of the ordinary, but represents a change from what you normally expect.

Same goes for the video, shot in Los Angeles (well, north of Los Angeles in the desert, at one of the airplane graveyards out there...but hey, I grew up out in that desert, and I usually just say I’m from LA too). The group poses and dances around the bodies of various aircraft, and visually it’s a highlight within their videography.  

They opted for a different mode of transportation for a special live performance in Osaka to promote their forthcoming (kind of out?) album. The group did a show on boats floating down a river in the city’s downtown area, attracting an audience on both sides of the body of water. Watch them do a far more BiSH-sounding song from the album, “SMACK baby SMACK,” below:

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