“It’s my first time on a talk show, so I’m scared and nervous."
10 Nov 2017 - 10:01 AM  UPDATED 10 Nov 2017 - 10:01 AM

With a scheduled performance at the upcoming American Music Awards, not to mention their first ever American talk show appearances on The Jimmy Kimmel Show and The Ellen DeGeneres ShowBTS are set to take over the U.S in the coming weeks. However, one member is particularly nervous about the group's upcoming American blitz - leader Rap Monster.

In a new solo VLive broadcast, the BTS leader sat down and answered a number of fan questions, such as how was his recent European vacation (it was absolutely lovely!). Given the recent publicity over BTS' upcoming America visit, a number of fan questions were related to the group's future talk and music show appearances, to which RM confessed that he is "really scared and nervous" before saying that he should probably get some advice as preparation.

While RM may be nervous, he also confessed that he is super thrilled about BTS' upcoming appearances on those American shows, even if it all "still doesn't feel real." 

The BTS leader then opened up about a recent conversation he had with Jimin in which he was asked "don't you feel burdened and nervous?" RM said he replied that he is, but he needs to do it well in order to positively influence the group and that it would be weird if all seven members were nervous.

Ultimately, RM told Jimin that all the burden should be on him alone and that everyone else should just have fun, answer questions, and dance well when asked. In the end, RM thanked ARMY for giving the group all the chances to do all these shows and that BTS want to return all "this glory" to the fans.

Check out RM's latest VLive right here (the part where he talks about BTS' upcoming American visit is at the 21:16  mark):


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