If you get the chance, go visit the Studio Ghibli Museum!
14 Nov 2017 - 12:53 PM  UPDATED 17 Nov 2017 - 1:50 PM

Listen to Simon and Martina talk the magic of the Studio Ghibli Museum right here:

Japan is a country that's filled to the brim with must-visit places, and one that is high on everyone's list is the legendary Studio Ghibli Museum. While Eat Your Kimchi had the privilege of visiting the museum last year, they couple had an even more rewarding experience during their recent second visit!

For those who haven't visited the Studio Ghibli Museum before, you have to plan well in advance as tickets are always in high demand and sell out - sometimes - months in advance. Not only do visitors have to pre-order their tickets early, the popularity of the museum has meant that ID checks are compulsory for ticket holders.

Upon making it passed the entrance, visitors will immediately be transported to a surreal world, no doubt due to the fantastical design of the building. Unfortunately, the museum has a strict no camera policy which means no video footage will ever come out of the museum, but as Simon and Martina found out (again), the museum is filled with enough Studio Ghibli magic to leave a life-long impression on all visitors.

Having missed out on watching the Studio Ghibli Museum exclusive short film during their first visit, the couple made sure they didn't miss out this time. There are a number of films that are shown ONLY at the museum for tourists, and Simon and Martina got to watch a special short film sequel to My Neighbour Totoro (which was AMAZING!).

Simon and Martina's second visit also had something that fit right in their foodie nature - the museum was holding a special food exhibition that was based on food shown in Studio Ghibli films! Not only was the food stunning, but there were a lot of great stories about how the food scenes in the Ghibli films were animated (chopsticks are the hardest thing to animate!).

Long story short, if you get the chance, go visit the Studio Ghibli Museum!


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