Oh the feels. So many feels.
17 Nov 2017 - 11:44 AM  UPDATED 17 Nov 2017 - 11:44 AM

The final episode of While You Were Sleeping aired this week and it’s...not okay. Like, how could it all just end???

The gaping hole of emptiness has already begun forming, and it’s just a taste of what’s to come. Here’s how dealing with the end of While You Were Sleeping will play out (RIP us).

1. Unending tears and lots of sadness

How else do we cope with not seeing Hong Joo and Jae Chan being dorky, or our absolute bae Woo Tak every week? Crying a river is expected and completely justified.

Sad Park Shin Hye GIF

2. Spending next week in a state of hopelessness

Will anything ever be able to make me feel the way While You Were Sleeping did? Probably not. Googles ‘how to keep functioning when you’ve got a black hole of despair in your soul’.

3. Angry that it had to end

And no, saying "all good things must come to an end" at this stage in the recovery process is probably not advisable.

Displaying cheeseinthetrap_why.gif


Displaying school2015_upset.gif

4. Trying to run away from any more emotional attachments

"Oh hey I found a really cool new K-drama to –"


Displaying runaway.gif

5. Finding comfort in food

Because that’s the only stable thing in your life that you can really depend on to make you feel better. And hey, I’ve heard the saltiness of your tears makes the flavour of the food even better.

Displaying comfortfood.gif

6. Thinking you’re okay but then tearing up at random things

Dreams. Batman and Robin. Prosecutors. The sound of the OST. Oh gosh, someone get me the tissue box, I’m tearing up.

Displaying chanyeol_crying.gif

7. Claiming you’re done with K-dramas FOREVER

Ha, yeah what a joke.

She Was Pretty Laughing GIF by DramaFever

8. Accepting that you’ll never get over While You Were Sleeping

Really, it's the only realistic outcome.

Displaying comebackmister_upset.gif

Displaying moonlovers_sad.gif

9. Looking at pics of the cast and getting sad and happy (all at the same time)

Sure, it might be less painful to stop looking at pictures of them, but who really wants to do that when the cast is so cute?

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Displaying wyws2.gif

Displaying wyws3.gif

Displaying wyws4.gif

Displaying wyws5.gif

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