"This has to be publicized. I remember a Colombian athlete did the same thing a couple days ago."
14 Nov 2017 - 12:13 PM  UPDATED 14 Nov 2017 - 12:32 PM

BTS have quite the considerable following in South America, regularly appearing on radio and various TV programs. The boys were recently featured on a Colombian TV program, where their recent achievements were discussed, but fans were more focused on what they perceived to be some racist behaviour towards BTS.

During BTS' feature on this Colombian TV program, fans noticed that one of the panel members started pulling on his eyes in order to make them smaller, and this was subsequently reported on by Dispatch.

Upon seeing the panel member pulling his eyes, fans noted how this is a classic racist gesture towards Asians and immediately thought that the guy was being racist towards BTS. Many fans weren't too happy at the gesture and took to Pann to share their thoughts: 

  • This has to be publicized. I remember a Colombian athlete did the same thing a couple days ago. They don't seem to realize how wrong this is...
  • Poor Colombian fans, they were probably waiting for BTS to visit all this time and now they must feel so embarrassed and sorry;
  • Colombia again...? What's up with these South American kids. First that soccer player, then that female reporter...
  • Pretty sure I heard that man did the same thing to Ki Sung Yong
  • That is actually a very famous racist gesture to put down Asians. It has nothing to do with BTS' eye sizes, it's just putting Asians down in general. Anyone who thinks he specifically did that to make fun of Suga or Rap Mon's eye sizes is ignorant. It has nothing to do with them.

The discussion about the panel member's perceived racial gesture soon gave way to a discussion about racism in general among the fans, with some commenting on the various issues associated with the problem and some trying to spread positivity among the community:

  • this ain't a competition to see who's more racist. if we brush off a racist gesture towards asian with the excuse that asians are just as racist, then this racism issue isn't going to stop till forever.
  • exactly. doesn't matter where racism is or who does it more. racism is wrong whether its against a celebrity or an average person.
  • I wish racism didn't exist :(
  • This is common here in South America, sadly. People are disrespectful, but it get pass as just a joke because it's something very natural, don't know how to explain well. I did it too when i was young and after discovering internet and learning i realized how wrong some of our actions are
  • The truth is, people tend to be racist when they're met with unfamiliar features, regardless of how developed a country is. When a culture is, for the most part, homogenous, outsiders will stand out to them. For example, Asian countries are considered "more racist" because there's lack of diversity there which results in a lot of ignorance.
  • Unfortunately, racism still exist in this WORLD. We as human beings can’t control people, but we can just spread love and positivity. They will likely get more haters and racist comments as they get more exposure in the West. I hope they ignore it all and just keep doing what they’re doing. Love yourself, love myself! 


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