Remind us they're built to get an arena full of people shouting along!
16 Nov 2017 - 1:54 PM  UPDATED 16 Nov 2017 - 1:56 PM

Few Japanese rock groups shoot for the rafters like [Alexandros]. The quartet started their career back in 2007 with plenty of energetic, punky cuts, but have developed into a group built for big-sized venues, with dramatic songs leading to shout-a-long hooks that reach up to the cheap seats. Their latest single, “Ashita, Mata,” reminds of this skill in all its biggie-sized sound:

Let’s tackle the clip first. It’s the “short version,” so who knows what directions the next part of “Ashita, Mata” goes in, but the part available online now focuses on people enjoying life. We’ve got a guy riding a motorcycle down a highway, kids running through a forest, and a band playing instruments in the middle of a field (ultimate independence: jamming in nature). It’s a relatively ho-hum visual, but you can argue that the focus for this group isn’t about how they look but how they sound.

“Ashita, Mata” the song, though, is far more representative of what has made [Alexandros] one of the bigger rock bands in Japan today, and one that has gotten some attention from outside the country. Think of “Ashita, Mata” like a journey; the song gallops from the start, building up in intensity in part thanks to the outfit’s backing vocals, which help lift the song up. And then it reaches the pay off; [Alexandros] rip into a big all-together-now chorus that you can easily imagine working wonders in an arena. They know what they do well, and they go all in on it.

The single comes out Nov. 29, featuring two other songs alongside “Ashita, Mata.” Expect to see more of the four-piece next year.


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