"I think us humans are just so cruel to each other. We just want to keep judging each other on our looks."
15 Dec 2017 - 9:57 AM  UPDATED 15 Dec 2017 - 10:15 AM

f(x)'s Amber recently released a video on her YouTube channel titled "WHERE IS MY CHEST?," where she responded to a recent wave of negative comments about her body in an incredibly sarcastic way. The video got quite a bit of attention, garnering nearly 2 million views, and now the singer has opened up just why she made the video.

Speaking to the BBC, Amber says reads "thousands and thousands" of negative comments and that it is "hard" to take it all in. In response to all these comments, the f(x) star says that "I think us humans are just so cruel to each other. We just want to keep judging each other on our looks," before saying that people generally misunderstand or are not used to seeing someone comfortably take on a "tomboy" or "androgynous" concept like Amber does. 

Feeling like she had to say something about all the hate comments about her looks, Amber says that the video was a response. While the f(x) star did say that she did try to conform to an image that people expected of her, she ultimately stuck to her own image and said that it is "tiring" trying to seek approval from others.

That being said, Amber has received her share of positive comments from fans who share body insecurities, something the f(x) star says makes her feel less alone. At the end of the day, Amber says that if she is able to help anyone not feel alone, then it is all worth it.

Check out Amber's BBC interview right here:


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