So wholesome! (And TBH, we don't blame her!)
18 Dec 2017 - 11:12 AM  UPDATED 18 Dec 2017 - 11:12 AM

Fangirling over idols isn't something only fans do. Idols themselves sometimes can't help but get their inner fangirl on when they meet some of their fellow idols, and the latest star to get smitten by a fellow idol is none other that K-pop superstar Hyuna!

In a new Instagram LIVE video, Hyuna was in full fangirl mode as she gushed all about meeting her favourite new person in the world: KARD's Somin!

Not only was Hyuna freaking about finally meeting Somin, but the superstar soon dissolved into a freaking adorable puddle of wholesomeness as she started asking fans what food Somin likes so she can buy her new girl crush a meal some time. That was immediately topped by a quick story about Hyuna getting Somin's number and getting super nervous about calling her, only for the KARD member to contact her first!

The cherry on top of this newest Womance is Somin also sharing a video about her thoughts on meeting Hyuna. The KARD member was equally smitten with Hyuna and hopes that the 2 can be great friends, something that ought to make Hyuna super happy!

TBH, we totally understand Hyuna's girl crush on Somin!


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