Talent? Good looks? The awesome fans? A mixture of everything?
8 Jan 2018 - 11:14 AM  UPDATED 8 Jan 2018 - 11:14 AM

It goes without saying that BTS have been one of the most popular K-pop groups in recent years, and the boys have scaled new heights in 2017 by breaking through to the American mainstream for the first time. For the group's boss, Big Hit Entertainment CEO Bang Shi Hyuk, he had something slightly different in mind when he formed BTS and that the group's success is due to a number of factors.

In a new interview, the Big Hit CEO said that he initially envisioned BTS as an idol group that was both "strong and relatable," saying that he began forming the group with the question "what kind of hero is the youth of today looking for?" in mind.

Explaining his idea further, Bang Shi Hyuk said that he "didn't want them to be false idols. [He] wanted to create a BTS that could become a close friend." Beyond that initial concept, the Big Hit CEO also said that he took BTS' social responsibility as an artist very seriously, saying that he wanted to make the group that had a positive influence upon their fans.

When asked about the secret behind BTS' massive success, particularly in 2017, the Big Hit CEO says that he thinks the group's success can be pinpointed down to a number of factors rather than just one simple reason.

The first reason listed by Bang Shi Hyuk is that "the subject matter that BTS deals with is universal," something that is relatable by BTS' fans. The Big Hit CEO said that the "media also had a huge impact" because BTS' fandom was able to grow very quickly due to fans translating all of the group's videos into many languages and sharing them online.

Lastly, Bang Shi Hyuk said that BTS' success can also be attributed to the fact that the members didn't "try to maintain an air of mystery," and that they enjoy interacting with their fans on social media. 

Having had some lofty goals for BTS since the start, it's safe to say that the boys have exceeded them in the biggest way possible. As for what's next, Bang Shi Hyuk says that while the boys have had a great start so far, the goal is still for BTS to "become a significant artist in the global music market."


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