She’s set to step away in March!
8 Jan 2018 - 12:10 PM  UPDATED 8 Jan 2018 - 12:12 PM

Pour Lui, the founder and leader of influential idol group BiS, announced her intention to graduate from the outfit this March.

According to reports from Japanese music site Natalie, Pour Lui made the announcement at a BiS’ show held in Tokyo’s heavy sick ZERO venue in the Nakano neighborhood on January 6. She then took to Twitter to spread the news. See the original tweet in Japanese:

Pour Lui writes that, since BiS got a major-label deal recently, that the group doesn’t need her and she no longer needs them. She made the decision to graduate from BiS, and her last show will be at the unit’s final stop on their current tour, in Tokyo on March 4. Watch footage of the announcement:

Pour Lui started her career as a solo singer in the late Aughts, but she formed an idol group at the very end of 2010. Named BiS - Brand-new idol Society - the unit went through numerous line-up changes and controversies over its first few years together, but Pour Lui remained a constant. The group found a solid set of performers in 2013, and stayed together until BiS disbanded in 2014. Concurrent to BiS’ first run, Pour Lui also fronted the rock band LUI FRONTIC AKABANE, a more traditional outfit.

After two years away, BiS re-formed in 2016, centered around Pour Lui but otherwise featuring all new members. The group continued releasing songs and, generated controversy, and recently landed a major-label deal with Nippon Crown.

BiS are one of the most influential idol groups of this decade. Dozens upon dozens of pop units operating today gather heavy inspiration - if not outright bite - from BiS’ visual and sonic style, while groups connected to BiS such as BiSH and the recently debuted EMPiRE have gone on to wide mainstream success (or are seemingly on the verge of such, in the latter’s case). And Pour Lui was the architect of this, making her one of the decades most important people in J-pop. Stay tuned for updates about her graduation circuit.

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