'Idol Moms' will follow a group of children as they train to be accepted into Korea's best entertainment agencies.
10 Jan 2018 - 5:15 PM  UPDATED 10 Jan 2018 - 5:15 PM

One of America's most popular (and most controversial!) reality shows is getting a Korean remake!

According to Naver, SM Entertainment has teamed up with the Lifetime network to remake Dance Moms. The Korean version, titled Idol Moms, follows five mothers and their children as the children train to be accepted into Korea's best entertainment agencies, with the aim of eventually debuting as idols.

The premise is similar to the original U.S. edition, but instead of training to be idols the girls compete in different dance competitions around America and feud with a rival dance studio.

Dance Moms is known for its controversial fights between the mothers and the head of the dance studio, Abby Lee Miller, who is notoriously strict and combative. It's also famous for launching the career of Maddie Ziegler, now best known for appearing in Sia's music videos. 

The legendary Kangta will take Abby's role as the class mentor, while Soompi reports that the cast of mothers "includes a former supermodel, a working mom, and a 'dance mom' who enjoys dancing even more than her child."

There will also be guest appearances from other SM artists, as well as a special look into SM's training system. 

Idol Moms premieres February 1st on Lifetime Korea


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