According to BTS' own choreographer no less!
22 Jan 2018 - 10:59 AM  UPDATED 22 Jan 2018 - 10:59 AM

It goes without saying that all seven members of BTS are supremely talented at dancing, but here's the big question: who is the best dancer in the group?

After many weeks of anticipation, BBC Radio 1's documentary about K-pop is finally here. Titled K-pop: Korean's Secret Weapon?, the documentary explores BBC Radio 1 host Adele Roberts' journey into the rise of K-pop.

Exploring the rise of K-pop over the years, Roberts delves into various aspects of the genre such as the lifestyle, fashion, and the fans. But the cherry on top of this super-sweet K-pop cake is when Roberts got to meet BTS in person!

Not only did the BBC Radio 1 host got to have a look behind-the-scenes at how BTS works, but she managed to ask the question of all questions to BTS' own choreographer Mr. Son: who is the best dancer?


Without missing a beat, Mr. Son names J-Hope as the BTS member with the best moves!

Check out BBC Radio 1's documentary about K-pop right here (the part about the best dancer in BTS is at the 17:25 mark):

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