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29 Jan 2018 - 11:13 AM  UPDATED 29 Jan 2018 - 11:13 AM

Monster Hunter fans are making their cats hunting companions, and the cats are losing their minds.

Monster Hunter World is a third person action game where you play as a young adventurer and hunt monsters in a beautiful fantasy open world. Armed with powerful weapons, up-gradable equipment, your wits and your own utterly-adorable Felyne companion, a lot of fun is had exploring the world and playing a game of trial-and-error when fighting a giant Pterodactyl looking monster.

Naturally, cats being cats, are curious about digital felines. It's resulted in a series of hilarious memes of people’s cats dancing around the screen to the sounds of a nearby meow.

Monster Hunter World is a third person action role playing game that we described at E3 last year as the first unofficial Jurassic Park video game. The game released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One January 26 with a PC release coming soon.

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