Ah K-pop, you beautiful crazily colourful world you
1 Feb 2018 - 4:43 PM  UPDATED 1 Feb 2018 - 4:43 PM

Trying to explain K-pop to your friends who don't know the genre is a bit tricky: why are there girls dressed as fish? Is that giant doll controlling them? Did that guy's lips really just fly off his face and into a cake?

The answer is yes to all those things. Because K-pop videos are ridiculously creative and we live in a blessed time.

We're barely scratching the surface but here's some of the weird and wonderful faves we'd recommend to any new or long-time K-pop fan.

14. Crayon Pop: Bar Bar Bar

We don't get what's going on here but the dance move is really mesmerising.

13. UV ft JYP: Itaewon Freedom

UV are a comedy music duo, and collaborating with JYP in full 80s leather gear was an outstanding choice.

12. G-Dragon: Crayon

This technicolour nightmare-scape is a glimpse into GD's active imagination and we're here for it.

11. Lizzy: Goodbye PMS

Everyone who gets their period can relate to satanic PMS (even in the form of comedian Park Myung Soo)

10. Gaeko ft. Rap Monster: Gajah

This is veering into K-hip-hop territory but it does feature BTS' RM. And yeah, we have no idea what's going on either.

9. COCOSORI: Dark Circle

We never knew we needed to see a human brocolli before, but it turns out we really did.

8. TWICE: Signal

TWICE take their cuteness to extra-terrestrial levels with CGI aliens and more unforgettable choreography.

7. gugudan: chococo

Literally every dream we've had while trying to 'quit sugar'.

6. SHINee: Married To The Music

A spooky delight where heads literally roll and Minho's flaming charisma gets the better of him.

5. PSY: Daddy

It wouldn't be a weird K-pop vids list without the master of the bizarre. His head transplanted onto a child's body is the stuff of nightmares.

4. Hitchhiker: Around

So overwhelmingly meta that it transports into a whole other portal of filmmaking, with added NCT Taeyong!

3. Orange Caramel: Catallena

Girls packaged as fish? Transforming into sushi? Dipping their toes into some soy? You're welcome.

2. BIGBANG: Bae Bae

Fabio Taeyang, Mad Hatter T.O.P., BIGBANG are in an entirely different universe. Quite literally for this video concept.

1. T.O.P.: Doom Dada

Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey meets Salvador Dali meets a giant creepy baby head. There really is no one quite like T.O.P.

What other weird and wonderful videos would you suggest?

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