You can WIN the gloves that members of EXO and BTS have worn and heaps of K-pop merch!
12 Feb 2018 - 6:00 AM  UPDATED 12 Feb 2018 - 6:00 AM

Play Pop Bingo on the SBS PopAsia App to win some awesome prizes!

This week you can win our Summer Bingo prize!! You win:

  • PyeongChang gloves
  • BTS 2018 Smart Desk calendar
  • BTS 2018 Wall Calendar
  • EXO Baekhyun figure
  • EXO Chanyeol figure
  • EXO Chen figure
  • EXO D.O figure
  • EXO Lay figure
  • EXO Sehun figure
  • EXO Suho figure
  • EXO Xiumin figure
  • TWICE 2018 Season's greetings - First Love
  • TWICE lightstick

This competition runs from 12/02/18 at 08:00 (AEDT) and ends on 25/02/18 at 23:59 (AEDT).

Listen to the Pop Bingo hour on the SBS PopAsia mobile app every day at 8AM, 12PM, 5PM, and 9PM where we play the songs you need to fill in your card!


- Get the SBS PopAsia app on your smartphone. Download for iPhone here or for Android here

- As you're listening to the radio stream and you hear a song played that's listed on the bingo card - click it & bingo it! You can bingo a song by tapping the album cover tile and selecting "Pop Bingo".

Bingo all 6 songs before the counter gets to zero (at the end of the week) and you go in the draw to win the weekly prize.

You can enter 4 times a day. 

This competition is open to Australian residents only. 


Pop Bingo SBS PopAsia App

Competition terms and conditions

These songs may appear differently on the app as they are updated every week.