Is there anything they can't do?
13 Feb 2018 - 10:58 AM  UPDATED 4 Jul 2018 - 3:59 PM

With Sehun set to appear as a lead in web movie DokGo RewindSuho starring in K-dramas and films, not to mention D.O.'s impending K-drama 100 Days Husband, we're looking back at all the great performances members of EXO have given us, whether it's in films, on tv or on the musical stage. 

These boys really are too talented for their own good!

1. All of them in EXO Next Door

This was basically a fan-fic come to life and we're so grateful for it.

2. D.O. in basically everything

It's too hard to choose, D.O. is ridiculously gifted and he's nailed roles in dramas like It's Okay, That's Love through to serious film roles like Cart and My Annoying Brother.

3. Suho in One Way Trip

Prepare the tissues because Suho is devastatingly good in this film. Also starring Ji Soo from Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon!

4. Chanyeol in So I Married An Anti-Fan

King of acting in Chinese! A box office hit!

5. Kai in The Miracle We Met

Not to mention his comic turn in K-drama Andante

6. Baekhyun in Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Baekhyun is a prince and he plays a prince so where is the lie.

7. Lay in To Be A Better Man

Although he's only a supporting cast member in this Chinese drama, you can't help but fall in love with his gentle, kind-hearted character.

8. Xiumin in Seondal: The Man Sells The River

The look really worked for him in this one, and his co-stars were super impressed by his work ethic too!

9. Chen in In The Heights

We demand a revival of this so we can see it irl. Please and thanks.


What's your favourite role you've seen a member of EXO in?

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