Love is a ruse and you're better off alone (right?), here's some reasons why
14 Feb 2018 - 1:01 PM  UPDATED 14 Feb 2019 - 11:29 AM

Not all of us are loved up on Valentine's Day and tbh there's some great benefits to it. Just off the top of our heads we can think of these ones...

Watch whatever you want

Want to binge on every ep of "What's Wrong with Secretary Kim"? "Idol Room" marathon? There's no one to stop you!

Image result for park seo joon gif what's wrong with secretary kim

Eat food without leaving the house

Get everything you're craving all without changing out of your pyjamas. No people, no hassle getting dressed up. Perfection.

Listen to music as loudly as you want

If your housemates or even your parents are out on boring dates, you can crank the Asian pop tunes without concern. The whole house becomes a karaoke room then!

Take the time to learn your fave choreo

It's never too late to nail the moves to "Gashina" and there's time to practice.

Image result for sunmi gashina gif

Go out with your friends and get wild

Friendships are just as valuable as relationships, and getting together with your pals to wreak havoc on the town is definitely the best way to spend any night, let alone Valentine's Day.

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