100% vocalist goals
16 Feb 2018 - 12:54 PM  UPDATED 18 Feb 2020 - 9:35 AM

SEVENTEEN have many talented vocalists among them, and one of them is glass-shattering man of infinite vocal range, Lee Seokmin aka DK.

Let's take a moment and truly appreciate five times he almost perforated our eardrums but also, perforated our hearts a lil bit.

When he hit the high notes right off the bat

When his face was as expressive as his voice

When he hid his face and was still a voice to be reckoned with

When he destroyed us all with stunning vocal range in his musical performance

When he showed his members how it's done at a fanmeet

Bonus: he can also really nail a high tone rap for all those 90s hip-hop fans

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