From baby-faced to full on babes
20 Feb 2018 - 4:04 PM  UPDATED 20 Feb 2018 - 4:04 PM

It's wild to think that some of the idols we love began their careers when they were barely teenagers. Some of them have been in the industry for 10 years or more, and it's crazy to see how much they've changed. 

Here's some of the most impressive transformations from debut to now.

Seungri - BIGBANG

Seungri loves complaining about being a maknae, probably because he was 15 when he joined BIGBANG.

Jungkook - BTS

The golden maknae was only 15 when BTS debuted and his transformation has been wild.


She was 13 when she first debuted in 2000.

Minzy - 2NE1

After years of training, Minzy debuted at 15 with 2NE1.

Suzy - Miss A

Another 15 year old who got started young and has continued to thrive in acting and singing.

Zelo - B.A.P

He debuted just weeks after turning 15.

Seohyun - Girls' Generation

Seohyun was 16 when SNSD debuted, over 10 years ago now!

Taemin - SHINee

Taemin was 14-years-old when SHINee debuted. He's come so far!


She released her first album at 15 and she's been moving from strength to strength ever since.

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