And there's so many more than just these!
28 Feb 2018 - 2:52 PM  UPDATED 20 Aug 2018 - 1:11 PM

Weekly Idol has been the foundation of many a K-pop fandom, with it often being the show fans first watch when getting into a group. With so many episodes under their belts, and so many silly moments, we just had to dive in and choose some of our faves.

Get ready to laugh, snort and giggle with these clips!

25. GFriend going crazy in their BIGBANG rendition

24. Monsta X's endless handstand battle

23. BTOB's butt-slap train

22. VIXX making life hard for Leo during the rollercoaster dance

21. GOT7's Jackson trying to feed EXID's Hani and failing valiantly

20. Red Velvet's Irene nailing the splits. Seulgi... not so much

19. BIGBANG imitating each other drunk

18. SEVENTEEN's epic 2x dance

17. And also BIGBANG's epic 2x dance

16. iKON misunderstanding what a capella should sound like

15. SEVENTEEN's Woozi being showered with kisses and hating every second of it

14. Heechul's face when confronted with TWICE's MOMO and her cuteness

13. SHINee nailing 2x "Sherlock" with added sass

12. Super Junior also crushing "Sorry Sorry" at double the speed but looking like they might collapse

11. Red Velvet's failure to understand each other with headphones on

10. iKON's B.I being forced into doing aegyo and the members gathering to watch with glee/horror

9. GOT7 failing Random Play Dance and being forced to watch old videos of themselves 

8. SHINee's Key running away from the studio when he's forced to do aegyo

7. Winner's Mino asking for water and incurring the humorous wrath of Doni and Coni

6. BTS competing on girl group dance covers

5. Monsta X playing human bowling and not following any rules

4. EXO's falsetto battle that could shatter glass

3. SEVENTEEN's Mingyu chasing his dog around the studio for the entire show

2. BTS recording good morning messages for your phone

1. BIGBANG's Seungri proving he's the king of aegyo

What would you add to the list?

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